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Audio/Video Consultants, Inc. is a Goodlettsville, TN based company that you can rely on and trust to make your living room and/or home theater the best room in the house! Our approach is to find out what the customer truly wants, give options to accomplish their goals with quality equipment that fits in their budget, then schedule and install a quality installation. We work with clients in Goodlettsville and throughout the Tennessee area to create a custom vision, that is unique to their style and desired look.  


We provide a wide range of services, including:

TV Mounting

TV Mounting & Installation

We offer the best wall mounts solutions for a simple, clean and sleek look.


Home Theaters

Customized home theaters and entertainment rooms.


Whole House Audio Systems

Integrate sound throughout your home, with wired and wireless options.

Projector & Screens

High-definition projectors and state of the art projector screens.
Home Automation

Home Automation

Take control of your home and technology with home automation.


Outdoor Security Cameras

High-end security cameras to help watch your home or business.

Why Choose Audio/Video Consultants, Inc.

With the service from Audio/Video Consultants you can enjoy the convenience of a sleek display while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. From flat screen TV mounts, LED wall-mounted televisions with advanced quality sound systems, to upscale home theater rooms with reclining seats, projector mount and a home theater projector, multi-room audio, a wall-sized large screens, automated lighting control systems and more! Neal Davis and his highly trained team has over 2 decades of experience in the audio and video industry, with a fantastic track record and a reputation for exceeding customer expectations on all projects whether small or large.

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Complete Services From Audio/Video Consultants, INC.

TV Mounting & Installation

Audio/Video Consultants TV mounting services makes it easy for you to have your flat screen television mounted almost anywhere in your house. Our experienced team is able to install your television in a way that will create an amazing experience for your family, guests and of course for you! Imagine your television mounted in the perfect spot over the fireplace, in your game room, entertainment room or even outside on your deck/patio. We offer the best traditional wall mounts as well for a simple, clean and sleek look. Whether you need us to hang a small/large flat screen TV, create a custom TV mounting system or an elaborate entertainment center, we can handle it all!

Home Theater or TV Room Installation

Do you have a vision or dream for a spectacular home theater? We can work with you to design a custom entertainment home theater/room that you and your family will love! From casual and comfortable living room setups with in-wall speakers, integrated projector and a retractable projection screen; to a complete dedicated home theater that truly produces the audio and visual cinema experience. With high-definition projectors, state of the art projector screens and powerful audio, we can create a fully immersed experience. Our AV technicians can provide the best solutions to provide a smooth audio and video experience. Why go to the movies when your home theater can provide the movie going experience under your roof. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can transform any living area in to a simple or extravagant home theater solution!

Whole House Audio System

Our high-end audio systems can offer great performance, convenience, and flexibility. Imagine your home with multiple audio sources available in unlimited locations.

Whether your listening to your favorite song, having a house party or want to jam out while cleaning, having a true whole house audio system can create an awesome vibe seamlessly throughout your whole house. We can integrate sound throughout your home, with options for both wired and wireless setups. Our sound experts can provide a custom solution for your home audio needs and dreams. We also provide audio solutions for outdoor spaces to help give that cookout or backyard pool party extra atmosphere.

Projector & Screen Installation

Projectors work great in large or medium sized rooms and provide a true home movie theater feel. We can help design a living room or home theater that will fit your every need. Modern projectors and screens can provide a crisp and clean way to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and/or sports games. We can install high-definition projectors, state of the art projector screens to complement any room.

Home Automation

We can install and set-up a home automation system to coordinate the technology and AV systems for your home, which provides a complete experience customized for your lifestyle. You will have the options and controls to: dim lights, stream your favorite songs, lock and unlock the doors, adjust the thermostat, start a movie, all with home automation. No more going from room to room and messing with several remotes and switches. Your systems and controls are now more centralized and can be accessed from a device of choice.

Outdoor Security Camera Installation

Audio/Video Consultants, Inc. can install a high-end security camera system to help protect and watch your home or business. Not matter if you are at home or away, know that a security camera system on your home or property will act not only as a deterrent against intruders, but as a tool for you to help actively manage your security. You can access and watch your home or business from anywhere using modern security systems, accessed through the web on your laptop, tablets and/or smartphones.

Call us today to learn more about security cameras that can provide you with peace of mind.

We also offer laminated, typewritten instructions and train our customers on their new AV equipment if necessary.


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